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Mainstream helps to remove barriers to independence and integration with informational resources, education, and expert advice.


Mainstream’s staff answers questions about access, independence, community programs, and other disability related topics.


Mainstream connects people with disabilities with one another for mutual support through support groups and peer networking. The groups are cross-disability groups and are based on consumer and community interests. These are not therapy groups.


Mainstream offers a broad range of trainings based on input from the consumers of Mainstream and community organizations.

Transition Services: 

Mainstream provides technical assistance and support to persons with disabilities who are in nursing homes or residential care facilities, who desire to return to independent living in a community of their choice. ln addition, Mainstream will provide technical assistance to youth between the ages of 16 and 22 years seeking to transition from school, to work and to community independence.

Pre-Employment Services: 

Mainstream offers job readiness classes with emphasis on interviewing, resume writing, and the skills needed to get and keep a job. The program will assist persons with disabilities with looking for competitive employment in the workforce and provide 90-day follow-up.

Ramp Program: 

Mainstream’s Ramp Program provides access to and from home for people with mobility impairments. Mainstream coordinates this program with The AT&T Telephone Pioneers (formerly known as the Southwestern Bell Telephone Pioneers) and the City of Little Rock Community Development Block Grant Initiative. The ramps are built according to ADA specifications.

ADA Technical Assistance: 

Mainstream provides technical assistance to consumers, businesses, and disability organizations on disability laws with assistance from DBTAC Southwest ADA Center.

Resource Library

Mainstream has a loan library available with numerous books, a computer, videos, and other vital materials to keep persons with disabilities, their families, and other community organizations informed about issues of importance.

Voter Registration

Mainstream is an authorized voter registration site.